Virtual Showrooms

Projects: DJM Grandeur Corporation Virtual Booth, Harle Virtual Booth, Petron Virtual Booth, Tosot Virtual Showroom, Graco Virtual Showroom, Ilaw Atbp. Virtual Showroom, Boysen Virtual Showroom Bedroom and Lobby, X-Project Virtual Showroom, Mitsubishi Electric Virtual Showroom  

Phygital Showrooms

Projects: Azcor Phygital Showroom, Betis Crafts Phygital Showroom, Chrysara Phygital Showroom, Coast Pacific Phygital Showroom

Virtual Environment

Projects: ASEAN International Furniture & Furnishings Show VX 2021 VX, Beauty and Wellness Manila VX 2020, Pack Print Plas VX 2020, Hotel Suppliers Show VX 2020, Philconstruct VX 2020, National Trade Fair Lobby VX 2021

Video Recording + Editing

Projects: Philconstruct World Trade Center & SMX Lobby Walkthrough Video, Sobida Booth Design Walkthrough Video, Epson Product Demo Walkthrough Video,  Ricoh Rotational Product Demo Video

Interactive Applications, Solutions, Digital Ads

Projects: BASF Interactive Product Information System, BSB Junrose Interactive Game, Mastercard Kinect Game in a Jeepney Setting Metro Manila Mall Tour, Sobida Digital Registration System